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Creativity and Problem Solving

Creativity and Problem Solving


These exercises and techniques have been collected from a variety of sources, some related to "serious" work, and others from collaborative exercise and theatre.

On the face of it these categories have little in common. In practice, the distinction between a game, an entertainment, a warm up exercise and a technique is far from being clear cut. Many of the items which have arbitrarily placed in one of these lists could easily be transferred to another. (For example, the improvisation exercise "World's Worst" is just an example of the "Individual Brainstorm" creativity exercise, which is just an application of Brainstorming techniques from the Creativity Techniques section.) 

Creativity Exercises

A set of simple exercises intended as warm ups for groups, or as individual exercises. These can be done using some of the Creativity Techniques for Groups below. 

Team Building Exercises

A series of exercises to be used as one-off team building exercises. Includes Ice-Breakers and Warm Ups

Creativity Techniques for Groups

A set of techniques to be used to improve group creativity either for problem solving or collaborative productions.

Improvisation Exercises

A set of improvisation games to be used with actors.

Improvisation Scenarios

A set of scenarios that can be used in the improvisation games.

Improvisation Guidelines

Some helpful guidelines for actors performing improvisation games.


Some puzzles that can be used in the above exercises.


Links to other sites for techniques, software, puzzles and games.


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